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Owning a business can be exciting. You call the shots, reap the financial benefits and create your ideal organizational culture can prove to be exhilarating for many business owners.


However, running and owning a business can be challenging and stressful, as well. Between the financial risks, brand awareness and surviving a global pandemic, ensuring your business thrives digitally is crucial in expanding and strengthening its online presence.


Here are five ways you can ensure your business’ online growth:


Content is key


As more people spend their time online engaging and consuming digital content, your brand must identify how it can be of value to its audience. Too often, businesses focus solely on selling their products and services rather than focusing on how they can benefit and improve the customer’s life.


Ask yourself how your brand can be a source of information, education, and inspiration and look beyond selling and identifying your brand’s purpose. 


Once you’ve established this, you’ll be able to strategically plan out content that resonates with your audience at a higher level.


Take advantage of social media 


If your business already has a social media account, you’re already one step closer to growing your online presence.


Offering a large pool of highly engaging users, having a social media presence is an effective way to reach and attract your target audience. Having a social media account allows you to create relevant content that can be repurposed to attract a new and larger audience.


The key to growing your social media following is to keep it active. By engaging with your audience and followers, your business will form connections, build trust and brand loyalty.


Optimise and improve your website’s performance


No one likes a slow website, this is why improving and optimising your website is essential in maximising user experience. This can include easy to navigate web pages and menus, mobile-friendly websites, relevant and optimised content.


By ensuring that your website incorporates these factors, you’ll provide a better user experience, resulting in more clicks, leads and higher conversion rates. This in turn, improves your website’s search engine ranking, helping you stand out amongst your competitors.


Influencer Marketing 


Easily one of the fastest ways to build your brand’s online presence and brand awareness, influencer marketing is a social media marketing tactic your business needs to consider using.


With a faster growth rate than most digital ads, influencer marketing relies on leveraging on an already existing audience. All your business needs to do, is establish a win-win partnership in which both parties benefit and offer value to the audience.


With this strategy, your business will be able to market itself in front of a much larger and new audience, generate leads and increase its reach to an audience within your niche.


Make the most out of Instagram Shopping


Raking in over a billion active monthly users, Instagram has become one of the most trendy social media platforms amongst Gen Z’s and Millennials. 


One of its recent features, ‘Instagram Shop’, has changed the social media landscape and how businesses utilise their e-commerce platforms – Allowing brands and businesses to turn their Instagram content into shoppable posts so users can now purchase products in real-time.


Making product discoverability easier, users can now explore your products in detail, helping them make a purchasing decision. Integrating this feature also gives your audience a realistic view of your products, aesthetic elements, reviews, sizing reference and how people use them.


In this digital age, a business needs to ensure that they offer consumers easy, safe and convenient online experiences. By integrating these simple factors, your business will increase its brand awareness engagement and, most importantly, create conversions and generate sales.


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