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With more than 3.5 billing social media users worldwide, using social media platforms for your business puts you at the forefront of a massive audience. While it offers a large audience pool of potential customers, it also opens you up to competition within your industry. Your competitors may also be trying to create brand and product awareness, which is why it is imperative to go the extra mile in your social media content.

Who is your target audience?

Just like SEO, your social media experiences constant growth. Before creating any form of content, whether it is video, written content or stories, it is important to note who your target audience is, where are they based, and why should they care about the content you post.

Once you’ve established these three factors, you’ll be able to create and distribute content that aligns and possesses value to your audience.

Offer unique and valuable content.

When it comes to planning your social content, whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, creating content that aligns and representing your brand is crucial in driving engagement and traffic.

Sticking to a niche allows your business to stand out amongst its competitors by targeting specific audiences who engage with content similar to yours. P.s your business’ online presence should act as a space that offers value to its audience, rather than an extension of your already existing sales team.

Once you’ve identified your niche, you’ll be able to research and plan the type of content you would like to create, as well as which images will work best on your social posts. By planning your content, you’ll also be able to stay on top of scheduling times and what topics may be trending during that time.

Identifying your competitors

By identifying competitors within your industry that offer the same products and services, you’ll be able to establish whether the social strategy they have in place works for them. This also allows you to create an effective marketing strategy that takes advantage of their weaknesses.

Learning about your competitors will help broaden your knowledge about your intended audience and how you can further improve and refine your business strategy.

Engage directly with your audience

At Volt Africa, we understand the importance of having an online social presence. From creating engaging content to interacting with your audience, it all plays a crucial role in growing and strengthening your brand. With experts in copywriting, community management and social media marketing, we’re able to research, create and distribute content that’s creative, engaging and reaches multiple audiences through various social media channels.

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