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Swiping right has created a new path for dating culture, allowing people to address the four pillars of attraction (physical attraction, location, similarity and mutual interest) with just one swipe. Online dating apps have established new norms when it comes to romance. In case you’ve ever wondered how online dating has impacted the world of romance, here’s how.

As technology continues to evolve, online dating apps have become a vastly popular way to meet new people. With digital trends only set to increase from here on out, finding romance in the digital age has never been easier. Offering a much larger pool of potential partners, apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Grindr have made online dating simpler and convenient. All it takes is one swipe left or right.

With current lockdown restrictions in place in many parts of the world, people have also stopped relying on social gatherings and meetups. Instead, more people have started socialising online through digital meeting ups or social apps. 

Expands your social circle 

Thanks to these apps, potential dates are no longer limited to people you’re acquainted. Instead, it creates a space where people can connect with someone they have never met before but share common interests. Offering more variety to users they are not limited to just one match and can therefore work through multiple matches until they’ve found ‘The One’.

More Diverse Relationships

As more people spend their time online and indoors, facts such as race and distance aren’t significant. Users are now more open to looking for love and forming connections with mutual respect and interest regardless of race and class. By keeping an open mind and exploring the array of potential dates, people can form connections that go far beyond the line or what their race is or where they come from.

Convenience is one swipe away 

When it comes to your dating life, you’ve probably imagined that you would meet your significant other in the most romantic way possible. Perhaps you imagined that you’d fall in love with your childhood friend, or bump into the love of your life at your favourite coffee shop and it would be love at first sight.

However, it can be challenging to put yourself out there, especially if you have to juggle your professional career and personal life. 

Online dating is giving a whole new notion to the world of dating. The ease of swiping to find a potential partner seems more appealing than a romantic chance meeting. 

With just one swipe, you can choose who you want to spend your time and energy on from the comfort of your home. Who doesn’t want that?!