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Instagram recently launched a new update that has completely changed the app’s normal homepage design. This new Instagram design has controversially prioritised two e-commerce features on the navigation bar of the app and we are here for it.

With the massive hit small businesses have taken because of COVID-19, Instagram has been tirelessly rolling out new e-commerce and social media marketing features to support small businesses to recover from the loss of revenue caused by the pandemic by monetising their Instagram account. 

Instagram announced that they’ve added Reels and Instagram Shop to the home page. These tabs have made it easy for users to effortlessly navigate the platform with its e-commerce focus. You can now find Reels and Instagram Shop where the “new post”  icon and notifications tab used to be on the home page. 

If your business solely relies on selling items and tangible products, there is no reason why your business is not taking advantage of these new tabs. These tabs could be what your business needs to grow business and drive brand awareness.  

How does this change benefit your  business?

Instagram Reels is a new video marketing tool on Instagram that allows users to easily create quality, informative short videos no longer than 30 seconds. Video content often requires a lot to create mainly time, money, and production.  These are three key factors one always has to consider when shooting video content and are worth investing in. Fortunately, with reels you do not need to spend a lot of time on creating these trending videos and that’s mainly because they are easy to curate and are done on the app. 

Instagram Shop is a seamless shopping experience platform where users are able to browse their favorite brands, look for items they are interested in and make purchases all at once and only ever having to leave the app to fulfil the purchase. 

Businesses and brands can benefit from using both of these features. If for instance you sell clothes (commonly known as ‘Instagram Boutiques’). We can set up an Instagram shop for you at an affordable rate. Your shop will have the opportunity to be exposed to a huge number of potential and existing customers.

 Recent studies have shown that social media is beyond just a marketing channel and has transformed greatly into a sales platform. Statistics have also proven that consumers are more likely to purchase an item online than in-store.

Once your Instagram Shop is live, your next step would be to advertise your shop so that you can boost your brand reach by using Reels. Why? 

If you visit your explore or Reels tabs on your Instagram account, you will discover that the entire large display is dedicated to (mainly) Reels. These are trending posts that increase your reach to an even wider audience. 50% of Instagram’s 1 billion users go on the explore page every month, so your business will have the opportunity to reach great brand exposure. 

Remember that social media consumers are mostly interested in short, intriguing and quality content. 

One reason for the popularity of Instagram Reels and Instagram Shop now is that they’re simple and convenient for consumers and businesses. 

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