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When South Africa went into hard lockdown many businesses were forced to take their businesses digital. And, many businesses were caught unprepared for competing in the ecommerce space. With South Africa now on level 1 and making an economic recovery, the businesses that survived may consider not competing in that space at all. And that could be a fatal mistake.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution and a predicted COVID-19 second-wave on the horizon, you should make going digital a priority. A disruptive marketing tool that can prepare and sustain your business’s growth, come what may, is eCommerce.

What is eCommerce?

What could be described as a digital catalogue, eCommerce refers to any form of business transaction that takes place online, offering more convenience and flexibility to businesses and consumers alike. An eCommerce store gives customers access to products and services at any time of the day, from anywhere and preferably on any device.

With consumers spending more time online, eCommerce growth projections have seen an upward trajectory over recent years. According to market consumer data taken from Statista, the South African eCommerce industry is expected to grow by 10% each year and projects a total of 31.6 million local users by 2024.

While the move to online shopping has been growing even before the pandemic, the result of lockdown has resulted in the rapid influx, pushing South African business owners to be part of this global trend.

Convenience always wins

By simply having an eCommerce website, you’ll be one step closer to establishing and expanding your business to a wider market presence. With customers able to purchase your products 24/7 revenue generation will no longer be limited to the operating hours of a singular store. This takes your business from a local customer base to the global market. With a range of marketing capabilities, you’ll be able to scale your business accordingly, add varying payment and shipping methods the world could become your oyster.

Make the Shift, Now!

When creating an eCommerce website you need to consider the user journey from start to finish. Your website needs to be full SEO optimised, user-friendly, secure and mobile responsive.

Our team of web developers, web designers and UX designers will ensure that your business’ website reaches its marketing objectives and business goals. We’re able to help you improve and advance your offering whilst increasing your sales opportunities and return-on-investment.

With affordable rates, we’re able to create and build a low-cost eCommerce website for your business. In unprecedented times like these, you need to view this as an investment and act of securing your business’ future.

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