Volt Africa

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Reach your ideal customers through strategically placed display banner and video ads, sponsored or native content, as well as social media posts (boosted or organic) across our premium publishing network which consists of over 8M+ monthly unique browsers.

Reach millions of people through SMS marketing on South Africa’s biggest mobile networks.


Through strategically placed banner ads on our premium publishing network, we’ll drive traffic to your website and ensure that your business reaches millions of South Africans.

Commercial Content

We can publish your sponsor content across our sites or create SEO optimized native content that aligns with your marketing strategy and objectives.

Increasing your business’ potential reach and engagement.

Social Media Advertising

We create content and manage your social media campaigns through data-driven strategies that make promoting your business on social media easy. From organic and boosted posts, to social display, we can help you reach targeted and relevant audiences.


Through an automated process of buying display and video ad inventory, we make advertising with us simple and seamless.

We allow our valued Advertisers and Partners access to our Private Marketplace (PMP) whereby our ad inventory can be bought programmatically as either Preferred (PDs) or Guaranteed deals (PGs). Buyer’s can access this premium ad inventory through the use of Trade Desk or Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) such as DV360, Adobe, MediaMath and AppNexus.

Depending on deal type and execution style, we can setup standard display and video deals, to custom setups and even site Takeovers! Reporting and transactions are automated, and you can track performance and spends within your platform.