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Whether you’re running your own business, startup or a small local business, having an effective social media marketing strategy is essential when leveraging off the benefits of social media. 

Allowing you to show a more personal side to your business, social media lets you quickly engage and connect with customers and their concerns in an instant. An indispensable medium to build brand recognition, attract and retain customers, using social media for your business can be a key driver in generating new leads for your business. As these potential leads turn into customers, your social media will allow you to nurture and build on those new relationships, eventually turning into conversions. 

 Here’s how you can amplify your social media marketing strategy by using the following tactics:

Listen and Engage with conversions in your industry

When it comes to consumers purchasing from your business, it’s important to note that they want to buy from someone they trust. A great way your business can earn their trust is by offering content that is informative and valuable to them. While this can be done through your posts, you need to branch out to reach a wider audience.

This can mean engaging in conversations related to your industry, that fall outside of your page. To get involved in these kinds of conversations, all you have to do is monitor and search relevant hashtags related to your industry.

By engaging in these conversations, your business will offer helpful advice without sounding too promotional, which can help attain leads.

Creating engaging content

Your targeted and potential customers are already existing audiences on social media, waiting for authentic content they can relate to. This means that the content you create and publish should be relevant and relatable to the audience you’re targeting.

Informative and educational content such as; how to’s, product demos and reviews that relate to your niche can add an enormous value to your audience rather than trying to constantly hard sell.

Creating this type of content can also help position your brand as an authority and a trustworthy and reliable source for useful knowledge.

Implementing compelling content that entices your audience also gives your content a broader context and offers potential customers ideas on engaging with it.

Run a contest

Attracting customers to your social media account and retaining them can be tricky, so to grab their attention, you need to make an impact from the get-go. One great way to increase your following, brand recognition and generate leads is by crafting a competition. Who doesn’t like a little bit of competition? It’s fun, exciting and offers the audience an opportunity to win something for free.

However, to attract the right audience and engagement, you have to ensure that the competition reflects your brand’s personality and mission. You can do this by incorporating your tone and voice into the copy of your content, giving clear instructions, and offering your products or services as part of the prize.

With the potential to attract new and current customers, implementing one or two of these techniques into your social media strategy can make all the difference. By ensuring that your brand is active and visible to its relevant audience, your business will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to create content that is enticing and compelling to potential customers.