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You’ve heard of Clubhouse, now get ready for Twitter’s audio chat room feature ‘Spaces’. Latching onto the popularity of Clubhouse, Twitter has decided to expand the audio chat room to more users and test out new features such as the scheduling and labelling tools.

Announced in November 2020 and launched as a Beta just a month later, Twitter’s Spaces is still a work in progress and only recently gave Android users access. Unlike ClubHouse, Twitter has a much larger audience reach, offering those with large followings more value, such as niche communities, algorithm matching and relevant broadcasts to each user.

What is Spaces?

Clubhouse, an invite-only, audio-based app, has been a hit amongst celebrities and industry leaders alike and described by users as a free-flowing podcast where you hop in and out of rooms and engage in conversation on a variety of topics.

Well, Spaces is essentially Twitter’s version of Clubhouse, except that it will be made available to everyone and not just via invite. While the plans are not set in stone, Twitter plans to get the product up and running in April 2021. For the time being, both iOS and Android users can join and engage in the existing Spaces.

How does Spaces work?

Spaces operates as public ‘rooms’ where anyone can join the conversation. Yes, even people that don’t follow you can join. The host can directly invite listeners to join by either Direct Messaging the link to the user, tweeting or sharing the link. However, here’s the catch, Spaces can only hold up to 11 participants.

As the host, you have the choice as to who gets to speak. This can be chosen from everyone in the room, people you follow, or people you invite to speak. The host can grant and revoke speaking permissions.

With any social networking channel, whether it’s Twitter Spaces, Instagram or Facebook, having an effective marketing strategy in place can help your brand strengthen and grow its online presence, target a new audience and engage in conversations within your niche, driving engagement to your brand.

Using these new features on your social channels is a great way to build and expand your brand’s reach and engagement as a business owner. Since these apps work on an algorithm, it’s more likely that any content you create will be favoured by the algorithm, promoting your business and the app’s new features.

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