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If you’re an active Instagram user, then know that links don’t work on Instagram post captions. Captions often direct users to their bio, where there’s only one link available. Brands publish a feed post that contains a link (such as a website link or sign up page). This link can only direct users to one place, i.e. a website or contact form, unless you have Linktree. Here’s how you can market your business with Linktree:

Allowing you to add customisable links onto social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Linktree makes housing all your essential links and your brand’s discovery easy with one link.

When it comes to your adding an Instagram bio, you only have space for one clickable link. However, what if you have more than one page you would like to show your profile visitors? By using Linktree, you’ll be able to link your social media account to any content you would like to have seen without the hassle of leaving your page.

The Pro’s of Linktree

One of the main advantages of using Linktree is that it’s free. Though consisting of two tiers, a free version and a paid version, the free version offers a suitable amount of features to help kick off your business’ marketing strategy.

These features include basic theme customisation of your profile, link click analytics (how many people have clicked on your links). In contrast, the pro version gives users more access to certain features, including free-range over backgrounds, button colours, styles and social icons.

Improve your business’s reach

Running a business can be challenging on its own, and handling its social media content simultaneously can be time-consuming; this is where we step in. Offering practical and strategic digital solutions, our social media management is prepared to assist you in strengthening and growing your brand’s online presence. 

From content creation to community management, our team of qualified copywriters and social media community managers dedicated to creating and managing your brand to achieve optimal results. 

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