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Each organisation is different and thus requires a similarly different working strategy for efficiency. This notion is the same for departments in our company too, and every manager has their own preferred set of tools to make their work easier and thus produce better results. We have compiled a list of tools recommended by our AdOps manager, Adele Stuart, that every employee/team can use to their advantage.


This platform is integrated in such a way that it creates content for any channel, manages enterprise rights and distributes content globally. To maximise Ad revenue, Naviga harbours artificial intelligence for advanced analytics. The platform provides a space in which you are able to engage with your audiences and also affords the user detailed audience insights, optimisation and forecasting. Naviga’s ability to have the user manage their advertising from end to end makes for the best tool for digital service delivery.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping functions as a product comparison service and forms part of Google’s search engine. This platform is an excellent tool for eCommerce retailers that want to advertise products directly on the search engine. It automatically matches relevant products to relevant keywords to match search queries. This automation saves time as they will not need to create ad copies for the existing ads themselves.

Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager lets you use ad creation to design your ads step-by-step. This process allows you to choose the people you want to reach, the marketing objective, places you want to show your ad and the format thereof. There are no limits when it comes to the reporting and analytics of your ads. You do not need to determine your conversion rates and other social metrics; they are laid out within Ads Manager.

Google Ads Manager

Google Ads Manager is a complete ad exchange platform that facilitates buying and selling ads across multiple ad networks and locations, including AdSense. This platform functions as a demand-side platform (DSP) but also offers many other features. The tool grants the user more control over who sees their ads and what type of ads they want to show on their site.


DV360 allows marketers to activate media buys with a high degree of control. It can take your marketing strategy to new levels by helping you plan campaigns, manage audience data, and purchase and optimise media across ad exchanges. Its flexibility allows for innovation and optimisation. It offers complete control over many advanced features, so your business doesn’t have to run campaigns according to pre-set metrics. You can now plan, buy, and measure all your programmatic media in a single platform without the hassle of consolidating all your data.

These tools are part of what makes our Ad Operations team work in sync and have the best turnaround time. An efficient department is what every client deserves. For an in-depth look at more of our AdOps team’s services, visit them here.