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Representing a majority of enterprises in all economies, small businesses continue to constitute a vast amount of a country’s employment virtually worldwide. However, with limited access to finance and a majority of small businesses in South Africa generating revenue of less than R200 000 annually, a lot of SME’s are now struggling in the country.

One of the biggest challenges that many SME’s face is money management. Managing your businesses finance is one of the most important aspects to the survival of your business and not having the financial stability to shape your business, could hinder its success.

Another common mistake made by many entrepreneurs and SME’s, is the lack of strategic planning and research. Before starting any business venture or campaign, it is important to do sufficient research on everything related to the market you’re focusing on. By doing the necessary research, your business will have the ability to build sustainability and trust with the relevant audience.

Along with building your business sustainability, growing and building on your client base should follow. In order to build and retain your client base, you need to not only make consumers aware of your business but also what marketing strategies you will implement that will help your business remain relevant.


Get started, Get Results

All in all, getting your business on the right track, will come with trial and error but with Volt Africa by your side on your digital journey, we can help your business reach success together.

As an integrated digital service provider, we are able to create customised digital strategies and 360-degree solutions for your brand that helps you avoid foreseeable challenges. With over 8 million users across our extensive publisher’s network, we are able to provide your business with advertising opportunities that could expand your brand’s online presence.

With services such as social media, ad solutions, video production, creative solutions, web development, ad operations, and website monetisation, we are able to connect your business to more people, increasing your businesses traffic and sales, ultimately maximising your