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Founded in 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the social media app Clubhouse has managed to build a solid reputation for itself as the next great app to meet, talk and share ideas with like-minded people in and outside your industry.

The popular app is currently iOS only and a network based on people’s voices – Drop-in Audio Chat. The app allows you to host and join in on audio conversations. The catch: It’s currently invite-only.

What is Clubhouse?

Unlike regular social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Clubhouse is an exclusive invite-only app available only to iOS users. This means that to join the app, you have to be invited by an existing user. 

Like an audio conference call, Clubhouse uses an audio-based chat that users can listen to. Whether it’s conversations, interviews, discussions or topics they find of interest, users can join ‘rooms’ and be a part of the conversation.

How does Clubhouse work?


Clubhouse allows you to create and join ‘rooms’ where you can listen and potentially chat with others as if you were in a conference call. No pictures, videos or even texts can be shared; the only thing you can do is talk.

When you open the app, you’ll see a list of ‘rooms’ and the users’ names in the respective rooms. If the conversation doesn’t pique your interest once you’ve joined, you’re free to ‘leave quietly’. Clubhouse wants users to explore and learn from different industry experts and to network.

Like any social media app that makes use of an algorithm, Clubhouse has its own. The more topics users show interest in, whether it’s marketing, music or any other industry-related topics you select, the more rooms and individuals will be recommended for you to follow or join.

Who is on Clubhouse?


The app is popular among celebrities. Spend some time on the app, and you might even hear the familiar voices of Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake or Chris Rock, who might even host chats.

In some ways, this is what makes Clubhouse appealing. Creating a space where you have the opportunity to hear and even engage in conversations with famous, powerful and influential people.

Besides celebrities, Clubhouse seems to focus on people it considers as knowledgeable or experts in their industry. Its invite-only policy offers users a sense of exclusivity and creates the illusion of a safe space for critical conversations.

How can I join? 

Since the app is in beta right now (meaning its available version isn’t ready for release yet), to gain access to setting up an account, an existing user has to send you an invite. Once an invitation has been sent to you, you’ll get a link via SMS, which will direct you to the signup page.

Once you’ve received your invitation and signed up, you can invite up to four people. While the app is invite-only, you can still download the app, reserve the handle and add your name to a waiting list and wait.

Why should I care?

Like podcasts, Clubhouse brings a sense of intimacy, helping you develop a real connection with hosts. Offering users a diverse platform, with different people from across the world, Clubhouse lets users engage in conversations, share knowledge and expand their network with people they’ve never met before.

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve never had a voice on social media or no one’s listening to what you’re trying to say, Clubhouse allows you to be heard no matter how many followers you have. All that matters is raising your hand and being invited to participate.

Now that you know what Clubhouse is? Do you want an invite? Fill out our contact form and reference ‘Clubhouse’ in the message box, and join .