Volt Africa

Affecting countries worldwide, Covid-19 has become a global pandemic. Its rapid spread around the world has resulted in an increase of confirmed cases in several countries, whilst also affecting many small businesses, causing an extreme impact on society.

During such an uncertain time, business owners are left asking, if they should even be spending money on advertising their business.

Despite many advertisers choosing to shift their media budgets between channels, or postponing campaigns, due to lockdowns and self-isolation, there are still ways you can advertise your business through ‘at home’ and digital channels.

With many people now looking at these channels for information, advice, reassurance and over time, forms of entertainment, advertisers will now need to consider how their message will work in context. 

With the uncertainty that lies ahead, don’t let your brand health become more vulnerable by stopping your advertising, instead use this opportunity to take your brand across multiple digital channels. By implementing new and innovative ways to advertise your brand digitally, you’ll be able to maintain your businesses relevance.


How can Volt help?

As a digitally integrated service provider, we are able to assist small businesses, by providing industries with end to end solutions across the digital spectrum. We understand that we are facing uncertain times as of late but, we are confident that the team we have in place,  will give you the fuel you need to propel your business into the future. 

With our proficient Volt team, that is made up of business analysts, UX/UI design, SEO, front end and full-stack software, web developers, content producers, videographers, ad operations, social media and a programmatic team, we are able to use all of the necessary skills available to create more innovative measures within the digital realm for your business,  helping you grow and scale your digital audience.