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Thanks to COVID-19, having a social media presence is no longer optional. It is now an essential component to every business’ marketing strategy because of how it aids businesses with reaching more customers, creating brand awareness, generating leads and gaining valuable insights.

Social media is a key tool for success when marketing with the potential for business growth. Requiring both strategy and creativity, social media’s marketing and management benefits go far beyond just increasing sales but also offers your business immense exposure.

By leveraging your social media correctly, you’ll be able to reap the benefits that will help you connect, engage and grow your business.

Social Media Page Set-Up

We know that running a business requires your undivided attention. So it’s an investment when you get social media experts to set up your social media pages, develop and create strategies that are proven to help build and grow your company’s online presence authentically.

Once we’ve guided our clients on which social media platforms they should use for their business, our team ensures that all business accounts are created strategically to achieve optimal results.

Content Creation and Scheduling

A brief is a crucial document that should be completed with as much detail as possible and include your business objectives, who your target audience is, etc. Only when it has been completed can you proceed with creating content that aligns with your products, services and brand.
When creating content, our team of copywriters ensure that all content is thoroughly researched, SEO optimised and engaging, all while letting your brand’s personality shine through.
Crafting quality content that aligns with your brand, will ensure that you’re able to target your ideal audience, schedule it according to the most effective timeslot and publish it. Our clients have additional access to our vast publishing network that we share their content to and in turn help strengthen their brand’s voice and reach.

Creative Design

A creative design team needs to create visuals that effectively communicate your business’ messaging, are informative, educate and persuade your audience to trust your business. Our clients have full access to our design team that ensures they get the best designs every single time.
From designing company logos, slogans and images, they create a visual of your company that offers visual consistency that builds your brand’s identity and brand recognition. This is crucial when establishing a brand’s visual identity. We’re able to reflect a company’s mission and value to every aspect of business communications whether it’s logo design, digital letterheads, email letterheads or mini flyers.

Tell your brand’s story

By simply using video content in your social media marketing strategy, you’ll be creating a narrative for your business. You’ll not only have control over how you would like to tell your brand’s story but you’ll be able to build an emotional connection with your audience that’s not only entertaining but informative too. By keeping it short, insightful and entertaining, you’ll be creating a direct experience that fills your audience’s user journey.

Community Management

With social media you can’t just post and go. Your community will only grow if you are constantly engaged. Community managers ensure that a business engages with its audience online and fosters brand loyalty and credibility. Working closely with our diverse team of copywriters and creative designers and campaign managers, our community managers are dedicated in creating and developing social media campaigns that accurately represent a brand’s tone and voice.

Using social media analytic tools, community managers track and report each social campaign based on its paid or organic performance. This would include the campaigns reach, impressions and most importantly engagement.

Once each campaign has been tracked they compile and submit bi-weekly reports so that you have insight into your business’ return on investment.

Expensive? Not necessarily

From as little as R4 999pm, you can save time and money when you invest in your social media management by letting our professionals handle it for you.

With experts in copywriting, creative design and community management, we make managing your social media platforms hassle-free and cost-effective.

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