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As technology continues to evolve at full tilt, there are more marketing mediums for entrepreneurs and businesses can use. However, SMS advertising continues to be the king of mobile advertising on the continent. 

SMS advertising is also known as text message marketing is a form of advertising that remains an emerging and effective advertising trend in South Africa. This is where businesses can communicate with the consumers of their products or services with just 160 characters.  SMS marketing is one of the most effective advertising tactics to be used across several industries but specifically for those in e-commerce. The question is, why?

According to a recent survey conducted on digital in South Africa, the number of mobile phone users increased by 3.1 million from January 2019 to date, making a total of 103.5 million mobile user connections in January this year.

These statistics show that more than 80% of our population own a mobile phone. Because consumers spend most of their time on their mobile phones studies have also shown that 90% of SMSes are read within 3minutes of receiving a text. This is an opportunity for businesses to use SMS marketing to drive revenue and create brand awareness.

With SMS advertising you’ll be attracting your client’s attention, maintaining direct and immediate communication, and building brand loyalty. These are three key differentiators that will help your brand and your products or services stand out from your competitors. 

Let us take your business to the next level with SMS asvertising