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Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm and is now considered a fast and effective marketing strategy for businesses to use. Yet it’s still seen as a grey area for many brands in their marketing strategies.

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that uses reputable content creators (someone who creates specific written, verbal or media content for both private and public users), to drive authentic engagement that aligns with a brand’s product and business goals.

How to make it appear authentic? Find an influencer that not only has access to your desired audience but can also create effective and thought-provoking content that will ultimately result in potential customers.

With consumer behaviour shifting away from mainstream media and mainstream advertisements, the demand for a brand’s attention is on the rise. Consumers are no longer relying on a brand’s persuasion but instead relying on fellow consumers to influence their buying behaviour. More consumers rely on influencers and word-of-mouth to make purchasing decisions so brand’s need to keep up.


It’s about trust

Influencer marketing allows consumers to feel connected with the product or service as well as the influencer. With an already well-grounded relationship (credibility and trust) an influencer’s audience are more likely to trust their recommendations and follow through to purchase.

Grow your online presence

With access to a much wider audience, an influencer has the potential to expand your brand’s online presence to new and existing markets. Exposing your business to a niche audience (via an influencer) allows followers to learn about your brand’s story and the services it offers. However, to make an impact in an already saturated market, you need to ensure that the content you provide an influencer is valuable.

Cost-effective influence

Influencer marketing can also be considered a cost-effective marketing strategy because you’re saving on finding your audience by choosing an influencer that has already fostered your audience.

Let Volt Africa influence your brand

You don’t need to worry about getting started with influencer marketing because Volt Africa can do it all for you.

Using strategic influencer vetting research, our team of strategists, content managers and copywriters will evaluate and identify which influencers are aligned to your brand to help you reach your goals.

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