Volt Africa

The debate between traditional publishing and digital has been one that has gone on for many years but as the world continues to evolve digitally, more people are consuming online content. And thanks to the internet, businesses now have the opportunity to target a much wider audience that will find their products and services of value.

More people spend their time online so the way businesses choose to advertise and market their services and products has changed. This means businesses have been forced to get on the digital train. Understandably this can be quite daunting for businesses with little to no online presence. Which is why we recommend advertising your business through a digital publishing platform.

Advertising your business on a digital publishing platform means you’re immediately opening up your business to a wider audience. A wide and more targeted audience. You’ll be able to create relevant content that users can engage with and valuable.

Volt Africa launched the Digital Lab Internship Programme in 2017. In 2020 the programme won the “Best new initiative to empower and retain talent” award, presented by the world’s leading provider in the best global practices for media and news companies, the International News Media Association (INMA).

One ad format used on our publishing network that has proven to be fast and less disruptive in growing a brand’s online presence is Native Advertising. Native Advertising is paid content that matches the publishing network format while also meeting the expectations of the audience.

Since this form of advertising will be hosted within the content, it will be integrated and appear as a more subtle advertisement. With its more organic presence, your brand will be able to get a higher engagement rate which in turn can unlock a stream of revenue.

Volt Africa makes it simple

With access to over 8 million users across 16 major South African titles, such as the Cape Argus, Cape Times, and The Mercury, we’re able to extend your brand’s reach and online presence to new and existing markets, helping you find a relevant audience for your business.

Working closely with a team of campaign managers, our team of content writers is able to research, create and strategically blend your sponsored content onto our publishing network, giving your paid content a more enjoyable flow where users have the option to engage with it if they find it valuable.

With tools such as Google Ads managers and Google Analytics, we’re able to create and develop strategic content and campaigns that not only speaks to your audience but also represents your brand’s values, missions, and business goals.

Our extensive audience reach will help your business drive quality traffic to your website that you can convert into leads. We’ll help you produce the right content to the right audience, increase your conversions, and create brand awareness with Volt Africa.