Volt Africa

When it comes to gender diversity and inclusion in the world of technology and digital marketing, women remain underrepresented. However, pioneering individuals, such as Susan Wojcicki, Chief Executive Officer of Youtube and Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, have made an immense impact within the tech and digital industry.


Despite it being a male-dominated industry, women are breaking barriers and are overcoming the misconceptions attached to the tech industry. Often these misconceptions of ‘women not being interested in tech’ and ‘women not being fit for leadership roles’ are what hinders young girls and women from joining the industry.

Whilst women continue to fight for their representation in this male-dominated industry, one woman who has continued to make encouraging strides in tackling the digital and marketing industry, is Chief Executive Officer of Volt Africa, Samantha Naidu.

As not only a woman but as a woman of color, she has overcome the barriers that have been placed in society and leads a successful B2B digitally integrated service company. Consisting of nearly 80% female employees, Samantha has made Volt Africa a space that provides women in tech with an opportunity to innovate and break through the societal norms within this industry.

As a digitally integrated service provider, Volt Africa represents diversity not only in our employees but in our way of thinking. We pride ourselves in creating digital strategies that are innovative and unique just like the people on our team. Our innovation and groundbreaking strategies are further supported by our two INMA Global Media Awards for “Best in Africa” and “Best New Initiative to Empower and Retain Talent”.

By continuously upskilling and educating employees, we’re always one step ahead. As experts in marketing, content strategy, social media marketing, web development, advertising, video production and digital design, our industrious workforce has the ability to assist your business in its digital transformation.